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23480 W Grass Lake Rd





Established in 1948 by Robert and Toni Dickson Triangle has been providing the fishing and hunting enthusiest with products, services, and the expertise to have great outdoor fun. Early on, we not only had a retail store but also sold live bait whosesale. We custom caught all of our own bait from Emerald shiners to fatheads, golden roaches, chubs, suckers etc. Our focus now is strictly retail. While being surrounded by some of the largest outdoor retailers Triangle has stood the test of time with hours condusive to the early riser, product selection unsurpassed for our area, and that of the traveling fisherman. We also have multiple sources of supply allowing our customers to get many more products that we dont often stock. Some orders can be delivered on the same day. Please contact us for more info. For the past 72 years, we have proudly serviced you and we hope to continue for many more to come.

(847) 395-0813

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