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​Discover Our Passion for Lakeside Living and our commitment to 5-Star experiences for our guests. We both grew up in communities along the Chain O' Lakes and enjoying the waterfront. It has been a dream and mission to provide vacation rental homes to guests looking to get direct access to the same waterfront we enjoyed growing up. As Superhosts on Airbnb, Premier Hosts on VRBO, we take every guest and their stay seriously and make sure you never want to stay at a hotel again. Want us to manage your lake home? We do that better than anyone in the business.

​Meet the Team


​Steve and Willow: A Dynamic Team

​Husband-and-wife team founded Chain 'O Lakes Vacation Rentals out of a shared love for the lakeside community and a desire to share its unique charm with others.

Born and raised near the Chain 'O Lakes, they discovered a growing need for personalized vacation experiences that showcase not only the beautiful homes but also the vibrant local culture.


​Driven by passion and guided by integrity

​Steve and Willow's mission is to make the lakeside lifestyle accessible, enjoyable, and uniquely personal for everyone who engages with Chain 'O Lakes Vacation Rental. Whether you're seeking a vacation getaway, a taste of local entertainment, or a forever home by the water, they invite you to be part of their lakeside family.

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