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​Information and Resources for Navigating the Chain 'O Lakes Municipalities. Each town or city bordering the Fox River and lakes has its own laws, rules, and ordinances on vacation rentals. Each town has a rich history and events going on weekly to enjoy. Read below to learn more about the area you seek to visit, rent or purchase a home at.

​Community Connections


Lower River

Known for its picturesque landscapes, the town offers a mix of urban amenities and a small-town feel. Its historic downtown, adorned with quaint shops and eateries, invites locals and visitors alike to stroll along the riverfront or explore the unique boutiques.


Upper Lakes

Situated in the northeastern part of Illinois, Antioch is a quaint village that offers a harmonious blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. The village boasts scenic lakes and is recognized for its vibrant community events and recreational activities.

Fox Lake

Lower Lakes

Located in the Grant and Antioch townships of Lake County, Illinois, Fox Lake is a popular village known for its lake system. It's a favorite destination for boating, fishing, and water sports enthusiasts. The village promotes community growth and recreation.


Central Lakes

Ingleside is an unincorporated community in Lake County, Illinois. Positioned between Fox Lake and Round Lake, it offers scenic beauty with its lakeside locations. The area has a rich history and provides ample opportunities for water activities and outdoor recreation.


Lower Lakes

Nestled in McHenry County, Johnsburg is a village with a strong sense of community. It is characterized by its serene landscapes, rivers, and commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Lake Villa

Central Lakes

Situated in Lake County, Lake Villa is a village known for its lakes, parks, and community events. It offers a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, making it a vibrant place to live and visit.


Lower River

A city located in McHenry County, McHenry is rich in history and culture. It's known for the Fox River, which runs through it, and offers numerous parks, recreational activities, and community events that cater to residents and tourists alike.

Port Barrington

Lower River

The community thrives on its connection to the river, offering residents and visitors opportunities for boating, fishing, and water recreation. The scenic beauty of the area, with lush green spaces and tree-lined streets, creates an idyllic backdrop for outdoor activities.

Spring Grove

Upper Lakes

Located in McHenry County, Spring Grove is a village that prides itself on its rural charm and natural beauty. It's a place where residents enjoy open spaces, parks, and a tight-knit community atmosphere.

​Information and Resources


​Discover More about the historic towns that border the Chain O' Lakes

​No matter where you plan on staying between the upper river down to the lower river, and the lakes chained together in-between. There are a dozen towns that border the Chain O' Lakes with Fox Lake being in the heart of it all. The finish line of a lower river run ends in Algonquin at Port Edwards before the final dam. On this page, we will help get you the information you need about each municipality.

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