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27582 Volo Village Rd





The world famous Volo Museum is an all-day, 35-acre, destination the entire family can enjoy, even for those who aren’t car lovers. The attraction consists of over 45 unique exhibits and over 10,000 mechanical marvels, some that can’t be found anywhere else in the world! While some museums focus on one particular item, like cars or motorcycles, the Volo Museum takes pride in offering a variety to keep the interest of all our guests. Our visitors are able to enjoy displays that span from a Military Jet to the Little Mermaid along with our 300-car collection that features special interest cars from the 1900’s and up to the most famous in TV and Movie History. With an on-site pizzeria, ice cream parlor and mini-theaters, it’s easy to spend a full day taking everything in. Volo Museum is open year-round and weatherproof with climate-controlled buildings. The Museum is also the focus of the History Channels TV series “Volo, House of Cars”.

(815) 385-3644

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